How to Screenshot on Samsung: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Screenshot on Samsung: A Comprehensive Guide


How to take a screenshot on Samsung : A Comprehensive Guide to tell you to Taking screenshots with your Samsung device is a crucial ability for content sharing, debugging, and storing vital data. The procedure is usually simple, regardless of whether you’re using the newest models from Samsung, the Note series, or the Galaxy S series. This tutorial will show you how to take a screenshot on Samsung smartphones using a variety of approaches, so you may select the one that works best for you.

Why Screenshots Are Useful

How to take screenshot on Samsung: A Comprehensive Guide will tell you how to gather Information: Store messages, webpages, and documents that provide crucial information.
Content Sharing: Publish pictures, articles, and social media updates with ease.
Issue Troubleshooting: To get better help, show tech support what’s on your screen

Methods to Take a Screenshot on Samsung

Using Hardware Buttons

One of the simplest and most common methods to take a screenshot on a Samsung device is by using the hardware buttons.

Locate the Buttons:

How to Capture a Screenshot on Samsung: An In-Depth Guide

  • Check your smartphone to see which buttons are for Power and Volume Down.

Press Simultaneously:

  •   At the same moment, press and hold both buttons.

Capture Confirmation:

  •   A snapshot has been taken, as indicated by the screen flashing.

Find Your Screenshot:

  •   Your Gallery app will store the screenshot.

Using Palm Swipe Gesture

Samsung provides a unique feature that allows you to take a screenshot by swiping your hand across the screen.

Enable Palm Swipe:

  •   Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures > Palm Swipe to Capture.

Swipe to Capture:

  •   Place the side of your hand on the screen and swipe across it.


  •   The screenshot will be saved when the screen flashes.

Using the S Pen (for Galaxy Note Series)

If you have a Galaxy Note device, you can use the S Pen to take a screenshot.

Open Air Command:

Take out the S Pen and press the menu icon for Air Command.

Select Screen Write:

Choose “Screen Write” from the options.

Capture and edit:

The screen will be captured, and you can edit or annotate the screenshot immediately.

Using Bixby Voice

Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, can also aid you in taking screenshots without using your hands.

Activate Bixby:

  •  Grab the Bixby button and press it, or say “Hey Bixby.”

Voice Command:

  • Say “Take a screenshot.”

Capture Confirmation:

  • The screen will be captured by Google Assistant.

Using Google Assistant

Another voice-activated way to snap a screenshot is provided by Google Assistant.

Activate Google Assistant:

  • Say “Hey Google” or press and hold the Home button.

Voice Command:

  •   Say “Take a screenshot.”

Capture Confirmation:

  • The screen will be captured by Google Assistant.

Scrolling Screenshots:

  • To capture an extended webpage or document, use the scrolling screenshot feature.

Take Initial Screenshot:

  •   Use any method to capture the initial screen.

Tap Scroll Capture:

Tap the “Scroll Capture” button that appears at the bottom.

Continue Scrolling:

  •   Keep tapping until you’ve captured the entire content.

Using Edge Panel

Another method of taking a screenshot is using the Samsung Edge Panel.

Enable Edge Panel:

  •   Go to Settings > Display > Edge Screen > Edge Panels and turn it on.

Access Edge Panel:

  • To open the panel, swipe in from the screen’s edge.

Select Smart Select:

  • Select the kind of screenshot you wish to take (oval, rectangle, or animated).


  •   Select the area you want to capture and save the screenshot.


With a Samsung smartphone, taking a screenshot is simple and flexible, with a variety of techniques to choose from. You may swiftly record and distribute crucial information by using the S Pen, voice commands, gestures, and hardware buttons. Learn how to maximize the functionality of your Samsung device and improve your smartphone experience by becoming familiar with these techniques.


Q1: On an earlier Samsung model, how can I snap a screenshot?

The physical button technique is often the same for older devices. It might be necessary to simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons on extremely ancient devices.

Q2: Is it possible to modify the screenshots I take?

Yes, you may edit screenshots with any third-party editing software from the Google Play Store or with the built-in editor in the Gallery app.

Q3: Why am I unable to use my palm to snap a screenshot?

Verify that the settings have the Palm Swipe functionality activated. Try restarting your device or trying an alternative approach if it’s still not functioning.

Q4: How can I capture a snapshot of a certain area of my screen?
Some Samsung handsets include a function called “Smart Select”; alternatively, you may crop the screenshot after it has been taken.

Q5: Are there any outside programs available for capturing screen grabs?

Yes, the Google Play Store offers a number of third-party apps with extra functionality for taking and manipulating screenshots.

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